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A Promise of Healthy Smile & Esthetically Pleasing Face

Facial Esthetics with good orthodontic treatment

Good Orthodontic Treatment
Uncontrolled Orthodontic Treatment

Best Orthodontist Dr.Srinivas Bogavilli

Our Expert Orthodontist
Dr. Srinivasa Rao Bogavilli

At World Class Orthodontics, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will receive top-notch care for both you and your child's orthodontic requirements. Our dedication to achieving optimal facial aesthetics and creating the most stunning smiles for every patient sets us apart from others. Allow us to assist you and your child in attaining the smile you've always dreamed of and enhancing your overall appearance.

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Our Locations


World Class Orthodontics, 

Glassgow Medical Center, Al Shafar Building 7,

Al wasl road 1, Jemeirah, Dubai


World Class Orthodontics, 

Al Lulu Medical Center, Business Link Building,

S103, #102, Al Mazaz3, Sharjah

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